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  • Mechanical: Gears, Gearbox, Couplings, Brakes, Oil Seals, Belts, Bearings, Pumps, Gauges, Chain, Sprockets, O-rings, Hydraulic Jacks, Pressure gauges, temperature gauges, Pullers, Valves, Pumps, Fasteners, Circlips, Spanners, Tool Kit, Wrenches, Hammer, Wire Strippers, Cutting machines, Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines, Hoses, Wheels, Welding Rods, Grinding and cutting wheels, etc

  • Electrical: Cables, Pilot lamps, Push buttons, MCB & MCCB's, Contactors & Relays, PLC & HMI's, Foot switches , Limit switches, Sensors & Safety switches, Locknuts & Conduit accessories, Cable drag chains, Cables glands & Accessories, Terminals & Distribution Blocks, Junction box, Plug sockets, All kind of switches, Industrial Hooters, PVC Channels, Rotary & Cam switches, Counters, SMPS, Pressure switches, Pressure transmitters, RTDs, etc

  • Hydraulics: Hydraulics Pumps, Hydraulics Motor, Hydraulics Drives, Hydraulics Sensors, Hydraulics Valves, Hydraulics Gauges, Hydraulics Fittings, Hydraulics Cylinder Spares, Hydraulics Drives, Hydraulics Shearing machine parts, Hydraulic Hoses, etc

  • Pneumatics: Regulator, FR & FRL, Pneumatic Motor, Pneumatic Actuator, Pneumatic Sensors, Pneumatic Valves, Pneumatic Gauges, PU Fittings, Pneumatic Cylinder Spares, Pneumatic Components, Pneumatic Tubes, etc

  • EOT Crane Spares: Wire Rope, AC Solenoid Brake, Thruster Brakes, Brake liner, Disc Brake, Limit Switches, Anti-Collision Device, Master Controller, 3 Phase DSL Indicating Lamp, DSL Busbar System, Current Collector, C Rail Festoon System, Crane Pendant, Push Buttons, Wireless Radio Remote Control, Crane cable Carrier, I-Beam Cable trolley, Rope Wheel, etc

  • Safety Equipment: Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, Safety Helmets, Boiler Suit, Safety Glasses & Masks, Warning Signs & Tape, Nose mask, Ear Plugs, Safety Harness, Fire blankets, Barricade Tapes, Sign Boards, etc

  • Job Work: Also, besides supplying all industrial components we are having the latest machinery and the supporting tool room and workshop to assist in all kinds of best quality component manufacturing and provide various machined components, sheet metal components, import substitute items, copper components which are essential for spares development, etc

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